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Aromatherapy Massage
60mins £60

A full body healing treatment combining deep therapeutic massage and a freshly made essential oil blend, this treatment brings about deep relaxation while improving circulation, stimulating lymph flow and easing tired aching muscles.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
60mins £60

Specific deep tissue techniques target deep rooted tension and overworked muscles improving blood flow, restoring elasticity to muscle tissue and helping to release toxins from muscles. leaving them softer and looser and you in a state of deep calm.

Back Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
60mins £60

A targeted treatment concentrating on the much overworked muscles of the upper body. Powerful soothing strokes work out areas of deep tension and optional deep tissue techniques unravel deeply held tension. A freshly blended aromatherapy oil enhances the treatment resulting in reduced pain and enhanced movement.

Holistic Massage
60mins £60

Choice of a calming, invigorating or energising massage using healing base oils to boost immunity, ease tired muscles and promote wellbeing.

Pregnant belly
Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage
60min £60

Pregnancy Massage


A beautiful nurturing treatment combining safe therapeutic massage and a freshly made essential oil blend, this treatment brings about deep relaxation while improving circulation, easing aching muscles and helping to prepare the body for birth. Suitable after 12 weeks. 


Post Natal Massage


Post Natal Massage is a positive way to take care of yourself following the birth but also during the first year helping relieve aching muscles, soothe emotion and bring about a state of peace helping lay the foundations for long term emotional and physical health.

If you had a regular delivery you can have massage as soon as you feel ready. If you had a cesarean delivery it is best to check with your doctor and wait at least three weeks until the scar has healed and you are able to move about comfortably.

Head Massage
Natural Facelift/Facial Rejuvenation Massage
Temporarily Unavailable

An effective treatment targeting fine lines and a dull complexion this treatment helps to tighten facial contours and release stress and tension in surrounding muscles encouraging a glowing more youthful appearance.


The treatment begins with a skin consultation and a fresh essential oil blend is chosen for you. Lymphatic massage is followed by an intense dry massage to lift and sculpt the face and neck muscles boosing collagen production and blood supply and breaking down tension.


Your oil blend is then applied using marma point massage inducing a state of deep relaxation followed by a cold stone massage to cool and revitalise. A neck and scalp massage completes the treatment.


Regular treatments can result in significant improvements in facial muscle tone, 'lifting' the face and reducing fine lines without the use of needles.